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God Bless Bitcoin takes a deep dive into the moral and ethical aspects of Bitcoin and the impact that this money can have on the world.

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The film will be available to watch for free on July 25th.

How Do We Fix Our Broken Money?

God Bless Bitcoin asks the timely question: How do we fix our broken money? Through in-depth conversations with bitcoin and interfaith religious leaders, the film exposes the broken, unjust, and immoral nature of our current fiat-based monetary system, one that is intimately connected to the military industrial complex and the propagation of war. The film also shows how and why members of the poor and middle class feel a financial squeeze even when they work hard and lead fiscally responsible lives. God Bless Bitcoin ultimately suggests the ways in which Bitcoin can present alternatives to our current system that are more just, equitable, and peaceful.

“This film provides a unique perspective on Bitcoin's broader context, not just as a form of money but as a global movement that embodies both self-sovereignty and community.”
Matthew Roszak
Chairman of Bloq
“It is great.”
Tim Draper
Founder Draper & Associates

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For information on where God Bless Bitcoin will be available to watch, please follow the link below.


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